Welcome to Dennis Dove Website
RBXpress is a group of highly
experienced veterans of the music
industry whose individual talents
are only surpassed by the awesome
combined power they exhibit during
their live on stage performances.  
Audiences from around  the world
have enjoyed their performances.

Their sound is sometimes described
as an integrated expression of  
many forms and musical genres
including  rhythm & blues, gospel,
jazz, funk, fusion,  rock .
Experience the
yourself !  
J J's Blues
3439 Stevens Creek Blvd
San Jose CA

June 5-19. July 3-5-17-31.
Wow I've been running this jam for 16 years!
Bring your talent and play!
Lots of great music & dancing!
I play every other Tuesday &
First Thursday of each Month
See you there! 9pm to 1am  
A slice of New York Pizza next door!
Let's be friends on Face book;
or book a party with live music;
RBXpress.com  AKA
Just me drumming & singing!!
Check out my music: Dennis
Dove sings.
Harlem Lounge Ave
Chicago, IL